Mums the Word ……..

Oh how they grow up here are my brood 2013

I may have mentioned briefly that I have 5 children!! and with Mothers Day approaching I thought it would be nice to write about the people in my life who make me MUM.


Amy is my eldest daughter, fondly known as Stig, this is not due to her fantastic driving ability but more to do with her ability to keep her bedroom lovingly decorated by her dad and myself in a dump like state. Amy is my ‘Teenager’ she is also my friend which has helped with the teenager transformation so far. She can be the most helpful happy child you could ever meet if you get her on a good day!! on other days she can be found in her bedroom playing her guitar, social networking on the internet or sorting her world out with her friends on her phone. Oh how our world has changed. Amy has become a very talented guitar player and singer I cannot really say which of Amy’s many songs is favourite I’ve tried, I liker her cover of Travelling Soldier and my ring tone is Amy singing Stuck like Glue, I love them all of course I do I’m her mum !! Heres a lovely one I’d like to share


Connie is the next in order of age and up untill December 2010 was my baby and I think I had her stuck at the age of 5 for quite some time. If you ask Amy or Craig who my favourite child is they will say Connie !! it’s not true. Connie is a kind and hardworking young lady who has picked up a talent of singing from her sister. Connie is a writer she loves writing and when last asked she wanted to be an Author, however previous to this she did want to be a part-time vet and ice dancer. Connie is just coming to the age where moods and little teary spells are very likely but if you ignore them they will pass usually 🙂 Here is Connie latest little story which she hope to enter in to a competition . story


Craig became my son just 2 years ago when I met his dad. Mine and Craig’s relationship has been a hard one it has to be said as I have found it hard to bond with him, (this could be another blog another day) being someones stepmum is not an easy job, well not one I have found easy. the same age as Connie, rather than the teary moods we get more of a back chat and huff style approach from Craig if he’s not happy with us. Craig seems to be a real Romeo at school at the moment and we are always hearing about who he loves. He is a kind-hearted boy who with time I sincerely hope to have a great relationship with. Craig has been learning to play his guitar and he recently uploaded a lesson for others to learn


Daisy and Robbie are my Twins they arrived just over a year ago (that 2years ago now WOW) and although they are twins they have very different characters so I will tell you about them individually.


Daisy is a happy little girl, unless she is being knocked over grabbed or sometimes bitten by her little brother (another parenting blog to come sometime soon) or accidentally bopped or bumped by another family member because she seems to always be in the wrong place at the wrong time. She has a gorgeous sense of humour that she has obviously inherited from me 🙂 no all of us as we are on the whole a funny bunch (no comments please friends and family) however as I write this blog she is a very unhappy mood and I cannot figure out whats up. She has just learnt the word up (sort of) and it is her word of choice and I could not ignore mama!! so pause the blogging whilst Daisy has a drink from my cup of water on the side, happy for a minute or 2 so back to the blog. (Dads on the case) Usually a Daddy’s girl she has already learnt just what to do to get just what she wants from her dad, lots of kisses and cuddles, a flash of the big brown eyes and a smile gets him every time.


Robbie is a typical boy, is there such a thing as a typical boy? rough and tumble, bopping his sister, bopping his mum and dad and pushing his luck which is amusing :). Robbie is a bright spark who is inquisitive and has a no fear approach to life already, which I can see in the future could lead to some interesting situations He can climb on to anything and has attempted a solo jump from the coffee table already at the age of 15 months. He loves to chill and have a cuddle, but on his terms. He is a blonde haired blue eyed charmer already…. watch out world

So that’s them, their my children, they are the reason I am known as mum and I love them all, all of the time and will love them all , all of the time forever 🙂

Here are great Mum’s I know, I know so many more, these are just the ones in my family, one is not here any more and will be very missed on Sunday as she is every day (love you Nanx)



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