Squeak Piggy Squeak – just 6 weeks

Arrrrgh, breathe, breathe again and lets say it in days, 45 days, phew and breathe.

It’s been good it’s been bad it’s been slow, it’s been fast.  There have  been aches and pains and not just the legs.  Just 2 weeks ago a toothache took me out of action for a few days.  It’s been a breeze and a battle and that is just the training for 10 marathons over 10 days which will all start on May 11 in just 6 weeks. 

Last week and the one before, on the run up to the big 30 mile training run, I got a bit wobbly.  Usually when I’m  running and thinking about stuff,  questions happen and on a 10 mile run with a runner I coach , the day after a marathon.  A question popped in to my head (swear words coming up, because that’s how it landed in my head- sorry mum)

What the fuck are you doing this for? 

Bad question to ask myself? No not really, I needed to check in with myself and figure out why, really why.  What is it that will get me through 10 days, a marathon a day, up and down the hills around Windermere.  Why will I do it? Why am I doing it?

My answers were not immediate and I was a little in turmoil with the thought that I was not going to see this through.   

Id organised a 10 in 10 group chat and on a Thursday evening 6 of us had a good chat, 4 of us are running the 10 in 10 this year, 2 for the first time and 2 returning for a 2nd/3rd year and 2  had completed the 10 in 10 before.  All of those people are inspirational to me.  I did chat, but mostly I listened.  I listened to how they’d felt, to what they’d achieved and to how much money they raised for Brathay.  I heard positivity, I sensed pride and passion from them all.  I felt better that night and positive.  Still a little wobbly in the week, I got in touch with another former 2 time 10 in 10 finisher who will be running again this year, Sonja.  Sonja has a busy life and fits in as much training as she can.  She was great to chat to and reassured me even more that I will do it, with the support of all my peers and the  Brathay Support crew.

Then, feeling a little better about it all, the big 30 mile day arrived.  I did 8 miles the day before and then on Friday I set out in to the sunshine at 1:15pm and returned home that same day at 5:30pn.  I’d run 30 miles!! 30 miles !! In training, 30 miles.  I’d had company for 18 miles in the middle of the run, which was a great help.  When I finished running my legs had a moment of feeling like they belonged to a new born calf, all bandy and wobbly. To aid recovery I stretched and rollered, ate well and had a nice hot bath.  I’ve still not braved the cold bath yet, that can wait.  I slept in compression tights and in the morning i woke up and the legs felt, good.  

During the next morning I spent my time at my local leisure centre, selling cakes and cookies to raise money for Brathay.  After the morning of cake sales and conversations about why!  I had a total of £2944.70 in my fundraising pot.  So close to my target for March of £3000 – you can help me with that here

Later that day I hoovered my car and then set off on a 13 mile run with my old ( he’s not actually old, well a little) former coach and he made me run quicker than I normally would have after a long run.  I was surprised at just how well my body had coped.

By Saturday night I’d arrived at the answer to the question – why the fuck am I doing this?

I believe I can, and I want to show myself that I can!! I can push my body to its limits and I can raise a great amount of money for young people, who will one day acheive their life goals, because one day, some runner raised some money to finance projects and incentives to help them to believe they can!!! 

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