Kit Check

Running vests feel like your wearing nothing, really light and nice to wear.  I’ve also got a t-shirt that’s a technical material, I prefer the vests but the t-shirt is comfy enough and long enough to cover up my bum.
In these last few weeks of training it’s all about getting to grips with the kit.  Making sure I’m happy in the Brathay gear,  my running shoes are good and  socks are comfy and it’s all good to go.

I’ll be using my buddy pouch to carry my phone its wxtremely well tried and tested and except for on loose fit shorts,  it works a treat.

My Asics trainers wil be coming as back up shoes. Just incase something terrible happens to my other 3 pairs all tried tested and oerfecto Saucony’s.

I’ll be taking  10+ pars of running socks and they’ll all have been tried out beforehand to make sure they are comfortable and don’t result in any  surprise blisters
 Running bottoms will be tried, tested and fit the bill.

Under Armout running bottoms and Asics shorty shorts.  Other capris will probably come as back ups too

I won’t run in my calf guards but I will be wearing them over night to help aid recovery and also another pair of full compression tights which I don’t have a picture of.
I’ve not got a picture of sports bras, I’ll be taking 2 Brooks and a Kalenji (decathon) all have been tried out over several runs and have passed the test.  Underwear is a selection of tried and tested underwear that I know won’t cause any issues…

and finally for this blog my Aftershokz Treks Tiranium Bone conductors.  I’d not even heard of them before I’d heard of Aftershokz but not bone conductors.  We were told about them on a Brathay training weekend and  I thought I’d ask Trekz if I could please have some, they said  yes.  The Trekz are great and because they don’t go in to your ear you can hear more of What’s going on around you.

4 weeks to go and the kits coming together a few things to get and get used too and then I’ll be ready and raring to go
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