Should you need us Brathay 10 in 10 day 1

A great start to my 10 in 10 today with a bang on 4 hour run.  Before the marathon started behind the scenes there were a group of volunteers and Brathay staff making sure that we were well looked after. They are  there to support you whatever you need.  Hence the today’s  t-shirt  ‘Should you need us’ decide for yourself who is who if you know the team.  Already in my first day they have demonstrated the great qualities of the people that are also involved with supporting the young people who benefit from what we are all doing here.

I’m number 2 as you may have se, this was unfortunately very apt for me today having to pop to the pub in Bowness.  I’m hoping this doesn’t continue.

I’m not sure why, whether it was lots of good food the night before or the caffeine drink I had at 3-4 of the drinks boxes.  I’ve gone with the drinks in boxes and changed that for tomorrow.

I’ve climbed 1700ft in hills today and got to know just when to expect them and how to ease up them.  By the time I was in to the 2nd part of the course it was getting tough.  Today’s plan was to go out easy and return home  un-injured.  The pace was easy the course not, relentless and if it wasn’t for the fact that Lucy was right behind me in the last 2 miles or so I may have eased up even more.  I didn’t and with about a mile to go I almost went the wrong way!! Yes those that know me will not be surprised.  Fortunately Lucy was still with me and kindly pointed me in the right direction.  We then proceeded to run up the worst hill on the course,  the drive way !!  Lucy stormed past me and over the line.

Back to the support.  Doug was there to greet me after being all around the course. I’ll miss him tomorrow. Out on the course with other family members supported all the way.

Also at the finish there was Matt who has been assigned as my fab physio all week.  The physios are all students from the University of Cumbria.  More young people doing excellent voluntary work.  Matt was great,  he made sure I’d got my recovery drink, food, I was stretched.  Not so excellently, he made me get in to the ice bath. It was good fun with company (really) and then treated me and helped my now slightly sore calf Ouch 😦

They’re all fab The students, the Brathay team and the message to us all and all the young people is We are here
Should you need us

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