Brathay Day 2

We started today in the rain, just a shower which soon eased up.  I began the run with a little blister which wasn’t causing any discomfort  and I tried to stay at a steady pace.  It was a lonelier run today and I spent quite a bit of time with myself.  I’m hard work in my own head so it was nice to have company from Tim briefly and when just before Newbury Bridge a bouncy Rich Rex came bobbing along.  The company was welcomed but it wasn’t long before Rexy was gone and I was with me again.  Time for music.

Yet again I found myself having to go to the loo, now it’s on my aims list to not go to the loo on route.  I probably wouldn’t have owned if I had I not been spotted sheepishly coming out of the bush by Adam and it soon  got back to Matt my Physio.

I caught up with more company at around mile 20 and then on and off saw Kev.  By now my feet were on fire (toes) and every time I had to go down hill they hurt like… not quite hell but they hurt.  I left Kev and by mile 23 Lucy came effortlessly  past me, a few minutes to chat and she was off.  I just kept going, I still wasn’t 100% sure of how long it was to get to the Brathay driveway and was just about getting there when Janet arrived which meant that despite flaming feet I found something from somewhere to push on and over the line in to hugs 🙂 hugs from team mates who had also crossed the line today.

My little blister has got bigger but it’s still ok and I don’t want this kind of surgery happening to me.

Was it a good run – yes a bloody great run 

2 down – 8 to go!! ​

Today’s t-shirt I’m trying to convince myself I can be superwoman ​

You’ve got to believe!!

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