Day 7 – Brathay 10 marathons 10 days 

After a night of throbbing feet and finding it difficult to walk to and from dinner last night I went to bed at 8 and had had pain killers by 8:30.  I was fully expecting to be right as rain in the morning.  A better nights sleep with only one loo trip.  Small goals!! So I woke up hopeful. Feet down on the floor, shit they still hurt.  Ok, what now? Treatment / brave face despite the tears in the treatment room.  Hobbled out and on to the car with Paul and then the tears came.  How am I going to run when I can barely walk.  Fortunately ails been there and had a  tale to tell about a day he could barely walk and did a 3:30!! Ok, brace again and pain killers.  Swapped my trainers for the ones from yesterday as they have a wide toe bed and then hobbled to get a lift.

Sat in the Athletes room worrying about the day ahead and then out we go ready to run.  Painkillers helped but the first few 100 meters were hard to overcome.  In time it settled down I settled in and just kept running.  One foot in front of the other.  Fueled today by Bourbons and ginger nuts and coke (fuel of athletes) I cheered up slot when I found the fish that has been on course from day 1 He has been back to Brathay but was back on the course today.

 It was a slog today it felt lonely even with Chris and Kate on course but I got home in 4:00:02 As soon as my shoes were off the feet began to throb and once in the treatment room we discovered this was probably why 

A clean and antiseptic scrub caused tears but it’s for the best!! Another night of feet on fire and hoping for the best.

If you set your mind on something you can get it done!!

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