Day 8 – Brathay 10 in 10 marathons 

I could have cried and cried I did!! Elephant feet.  But then I took a few painkillers squeezed the hoofs into the best fitting trainers and told myself I could and I woukd.  Doug arrived today so I had a doug hug and then before the off my must have Aly hug.  

10:30 off we went I could have cried and cried I did briefly and then with a bit of music I settled in and eventually the feet became a part of the run.

Nothing great to support from the course apart from the great support!! 

I did however hurt my ankle or something on my left leg jumping back down from an emergency bush stop!! 12 miles, throbbing feet and not enjoying the downs.  On the plus side the driveway to the Brathay felt like a gift and the run down the lawn resulted in 3::57:06 

Then off on the Physio train, stretch ice bath, treatment 

Matt my Physio will be in the ice bath tomorrow as we have raised over £50 – about £130 today Thank you!!! Xx

Now relaxing after dinner, more tears but all will be good

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