Round up 10 marathons in 10 days 


​​ ​ Brathay 10 in 10

A year ago I set my sights on a challenge that I was never 100% sure I could achieve. Raising £3000 and running 10 marathons n 10 days for Brathay Trust.
I have trained and raised money for 8 months.

On Friday 12th May I began my first marathon of 10 a hot day that caught us all by surprise. It was on this first day I got to know the relentless ups, downs and stunning beauty of the course. Over the 10 days I formed a relationship with the course. Some days we loved each other and others we just did not get on, but mostly we jogged along nicely. There were 3 days that I was reduced to tears. Day 5 – I was tired my toes blistered, swollen and sore and it was hard and raining too and I just didn’t want to run around the lake again. Day 9 for a mile or 2 after a third member of our team had to pull out and my toes were worse and I had a leg ache too. I focused with some help from a fabulous lady on the support crew and went on to have a great run. There are many, many hills on the course but 2 that have become infamous are Devils Gallops at mile 7 and Ice cream mountain at mile 21 and I vowed to run them and every other mile all the way through. Feeling sore and leg swelling I still felt positive. ‘dI had a great run and there was just one to do.

Day 10, I woke up and I could barely walk. Toes sore and leg stiff – but I knew that the physio team could fix me up I’d squeeze in to my trainers and the toe pain would eventually go and I hoped that the ache in my leg would ease off and go too. Strapped up, full of final lap adrenaline I was ready to go. I hobbled off and tried to pick up to my usual consistent pace and was happy but sore heading up hill. It wasn’t until the first downhill that I felt the pain intensify in my leg and from then, on a every down I hurt more and the run became painful and slow. I had goals I wanted to achieve and the last of those was to run every mile of the 262 every up and every down and despite the pain I was not going to let that go. I found out the true meaning of digging deep on that day and as I crossed the line I felt my legs buckle and my heart broke with the pride of what I had achieved and what my body and mind could really do.
262 miles, 10 days, 10 marathons and I’d run all the way. After this run my physio advised me that both he and some others thought before I left that day my leg injury could be a stress fracture. They didn’t want to tell me before I set off on day 10. I completed the challenge in a combined time of 41:04:51 and have raised over £4000

Thank you to all of those who were there to support me, who have left messages and donated too x

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