Head Space – Furniture removal




Well, well, well ,

It has been a while!! over 3 months since I have really wanted to write or have felt I have had anything to say.  Anything to say that you’d want to read.  I have put the odd post and comment on social media and Strava, but not in the blog.

I’ve been cluttered, I’ve been hoarding in my head, thoughts, feelings, insecurities piled high on shelves and causing issues as they tumble in to my consciousness.  What’s been  stacked there?  Things like, you didn’t achieve your key goal when you did 10 marathons in 10 days so you’re shit!! What are you talking about they don’t want to hear that.  They are all better at everything.  You could be a better mum.  You could be a better partner.  You’re not good enough.  You could be better.  You should be better. That was good but not good enough.

My head hurts just reading all that stuff above.  Imagine how it felt carrying it all around in a head space that needs room to have clear thoughts and analyse others  assess others and help others achieve their goals.  It also has to help me achieve my own goals.  I have so many!!  It was inevitable I had to move some or even all that junk out.  Moving out the crap you’ve stored up is not easy and in my opinion not a one man job.  You might need removals – in the head space world this could be a Life coach – my favourite is Liz Goodchild, or a psychologist or a good friend to talk things through with.

I have a few of those good friends thankfully.  To help me shift my clutter this time along with friends, because they really were not able to get the big stuff shifted.   I enlisted the help of a super removals woman and hypnotherapist Lisa Cartilage.  I don’t know Lisa all that well but would consider her a friend as I like her and she gets me.  Lisa helped me prepare for Brathay (10 marathons in 10 days)  and I believe helped me focus my mind on finishing that huge challenge, beyond swollen feet and broken legs.  Lisa picked up on some of the things I was saying and doing or not doing and offered to give me a hand de-cluttering.  2 sessions in and the head has space, lots of space – it’s not quite magnolia walls.  I’ve always got something on them.  It is however more minimalist and has room to bring people in and figure people out.  It its allowing me time to do and importantly I am more me.

I believe, I achieve and that means I can help others believe and achieve too!!


If you’d like to get in touch please do and I am also happy to give you my removals woman’s number , she is great at getting that Anxiety, stress and insecurity shifted.  I am loving life proof 🙂



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