The Big 50 mile event

The Big 50 mile event

Yesterday I joined 300 runners at the start of the Thames Trot 50 mile race!
I arrived there after to proclaiming that it was my next big thing after running my 10 marathons in 10 days last May. I haven’t been as focused as I have i n the past with training and I rarely enjoyed any of the long cross country runs I did as part of the training apart from the social element of running with the friends who, spurred on by proclamation also signed up for their first 50 miles
The week before the big event I got a cold – it was not a pleasant cold and the cough and sore throat still linger, I stopped my 27 day run streak and had a week off running

Then yesterday, I was there with Lisa Annie and Viv and off we set

A mile in if not less we were on the mud, the wet slippy ( insert swear words here). Annie was storming it already and I knew she had to go to be in with a chance of getting a great time!! So eventually after some convincing I set her free to skip through the mud whilst I squelched, slid, fell over along the bogs 🙂 sometimes I was running.
Only 13 miles in 6 miles from the 2nd checkpoint I decided / I don’t want to do this for the next 6 hours. I don’t enjoy it, I don’t want that 50 miles enough to do this, so I let Doug know I’d be bailing at CP 2
I don’t think Doug believed I would, but I’d decided – I don’t like cross country at the best of times ( I like 4-5 slow miles of it on a sunny day) it wasn’t a world of pain, i was coughing a bit but not more than many others out there, but I wanted to run more next week, run a marathon in April and not be out for another 2-3 week and was not prepared to give my body to this event. CP 2 I handed in my timing chip, DONE
Lisa and Viv passed me whilst I was drinking my coffee, lisa was in shock What are you doing? she said as she ran on past – I don’t want to do it was my reply!! Come with us said Lisa. I can’t I’ve handed my chip in, I don’t want to!
I’ve pulled out of one other race, Abingdon marathon and I pulled out and cried all the way home, I should never have pulled out. I was cross with myself.
This time – it felt the right thing for me to do.
Decision made, reconciled, realisation that marathons are the distance for me and on the road where possible!! maybe multi marathons but not 50 milers in the mud Nope Nope Nope

Off we went in support crew mode!! Luckily in during the section I did run I met Abbi Naylor who is running 30 events in the year up to her 30 birthday – she was on event 3 and was happy and smiley and good at hiding her pain. I vowed to donate my £10 emergency money to her charity and I supported her through checkpoint 3- 4 along with Annie who was storming it and Lisa and Viv who were just ahead of the cut offs at CP 3.
4 hours sliding 8 hours supporting for me 12 hours supporting for Doug at 5:30pm with another fab supporter running at her side Annie smashed her under 10 hour goal by an hour and despite the conditions came running home in 9 hours!!! AMAZING she then, after a change joined the support crew.

News came in st 6:30 that at CP 5 the team there were wanting to stop Lisa and Viv – they had 5 miles to run and Lisa was not EVER going to be told no!! So they kept going. At 8:20pm Annie, Doug and I met them about half a mile out and supported them both home across the line, it was emotional and awe inspiring, despite the mud, the rain, the pain they did it!!!!!!

AWESOME! and they got their more deserved than anyone Medals 12 hours on there feet in the cold and mud 50 miles ✅ job done

It was an inspiring event and all those who made it (50 of us pulled out) were amazing
Do I regret my decision now? No!! The nutters, maybe I’ll just be support crew from now on, just as much fun and easier to recover from

and I did give Abbi the £10 all in all a job well done





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