Marathon Running-Going Bananas

Yes, yes it seems I have gone bananas AGAIN!! if I am not closely monitored I can easily get carried away, and this year much to the irritation of my coach I went and signed myself up for the Brathay 10 in 10 AGAIN!! however the 10 in 10 training blog will not start for a few weeks. Lets get you up to speed with me and my running adventures first!!

Lets give anyone arriving here who does not know my history a quick catch up and recap.

Me: Aged 43, 4 kids, one bloke 3 dogs and now 10 + years of running in my kit bag. Running lead to further developments, such as running coach, and sports massage therapist. I have run over 30 marathons several half marathons, many 10ks some 5ks too and I must be up in to the millions of miles in training. I’ve attempted an Ultra and succeeded at a little one of 30 miles and DNF’d twice in races. One, Abingdon Marathon, I regretted not finishing and went back to do it again. The other helped me to decide not to run that distance which was 50 miles, well at that time anyway!! Never say never and mean it!!!

Way back in 2017 I entered a multiple marathon event called The Brathay 10 in 10. A ten day event in which participants, all slightly off their rockers but with hearts of gold (in my opinion) head off everyday to run 26.2 miles around Lake Windemere NO ITS NOT FLAT!!! I worked hard before the event to raise money for the charity and to be fit for the challenge. It was tough, I raised £4200 and completed the ten days. By day 10 I was broken, I ended the event with a suspected stress fracture of the Tibia A broken leg!!! You can find out more about the 10 days of that event at and search 10 in 10

I was happy to have finished but gutted, gutted (this needs repeat so you can be sure I was gutted) to have broken and I was in pain here’s my day 10 video

My rainbow plan was to come through the event, fit and raring to go and then, at the end of the year run a fast marathon wearing the England Masters vest Id qualified for previously. What actually happened is that for about 12 months I was still running, but my mojo went on tour and took my marathon times with it!! I thought I’d have a go at a 50 miler PAH didn’t like that, went back to the marathon ,was slower than I knew I could be. Then I called in the help of a coach friend, we worked on less mileage more speed, for me the less mileage didn’t work. I didn’t give it long before deciding to get back to work with Coach Den. Fortunately he had forgotten the pain in the bum I can be and agreed once again, to coach me.

Our jouney so far, April 18 just back with Coach Den no real coaching yet. Brighton marathon 3hrs 40+ mins, that was our benchmark. October 2018, 6 months later Chester Marathon 3:19:51 another 6 months and we had a 3rd place in Stratford Marathon with 3:21:02 -and all Id focused on as a goal was a podium position.

Here we are another 6 months on and this block of training……..

well a little bit of a dodgy start with a breast lump scare, a bit of a viral bug and being knocked off my feet by the dog. It meant we were a week or 2 behind schedule and no confidence Claire was creeping her way back in!! A trip to Coventry half and a not great half time did not help the confidence. Luckily I have a great friend who is also a solution focused hypnotherapist and when I get wobbly and start to stray from my focus, she is there to help me get back on track. I can go and see her, which I did. Or what I regularly do now is write down a sentence and a few key words – Strong, focused, be the person that everyone else believes you are.


There are just 16 days at the initial draft of this blog until the ‘A’ race. Chester Marathon. This is the all or nothing run which will be the result of my coaches guidance, reassurance and take no sob story coaching, support from home and work and my miles and miles of running and doing as I’ve been told (mostly) This week is the highest mileage week 90 miles and I have 34 of them left to do. They will be 6 miles this evening, 8 miles tomorrow including a quick (we hope) park run and a nice 20 mile run to top off the week on Sunday.

Then in to taper. I’m relieved but anxious about taper. When you get an endorphin fix daily, to taper is like going without your daily shot of the good stuff. I almost feel not great even typing it (one for the blog on running addiction maybe) That’s where I am and where am I headed?

Well jump on, follow the journey, first stop is Chester Marathon October 6 our aim time 3:10 (cough cough, choke and cough) the aim is high, but if you aim high you may just get there, if you aim to low you’ve got no chance.

I will be back next week to tell you how chuffed I am because, I completed 90 miles Smashed my 1 mile rep PB (done that one on Tuesday) and have smashed my PB at Park run. (who knows)

Claire x

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