Double day Race and a long run

Double run day today Bourton 10k where I planned to run strong and was really happy  to see the proud faces of my fabulous ever supportive current coach and  partner Doug who was stood out with 2 soggy kids and a soggy doggy, cheering me in and all my team mates. I also beat best mate Now that’s just great I’m sorry, but it is I a first, probably a last but will help me feel great for a few days!! What, I’m only human and honest 珞 and we had such agreat club presence out running and supporting it was brilliant ❤️you NCTR

Pause to be freezing, eat and get warm and then whole new kit,  @thenakedprofessor (recommended for all blokes, please listen to their podcast!! Girls too but definitely aimed at the chaps.  The Archers, @ollymurrs @meganytrainor and @Tomjones and off I go

Ended up miles away from home today   I went down a road to Salperton, nice village! Thinking I’d surely pick up a left turn that would take me to Cold Aston There was not one and the hill I’d cruised down  to Salperton was not one I wanted to run back up.  I kept running  untill I saw the first sign of a place I knew, Hazelton!! At 13 miles  in this was about 10 miles from home and I was only  mentally set for 20 All was good though because I phoned  super Doug (whilst still running) who said to call home when I had a mile left, so at 19 miles and he would come and rescue me 
This gave me the perfect opportunity to go and look for Kerry and Curtain @thiscoutrybbc  to discuss a new running club  (that would be hilarious  didn’t find them, so up another hill or 2 untill my Knight In a  red corsa arrived.

The end

Oh forgot the link, you know you want to donate, please and thank you

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