Lucky 7 Let’s do this!!

19th March marked a lucky 7 weeks untill the Brathay 10 in 10. Its actually happening this year, in May and the Windermere marathon will happen on day 10 too (or at least I really really hope so. My race number is number one I’m going to Chesney Hawk this event all the way. 🎵I AM THE ONE AND ONLY NOBODY I’D RATHER BE🎵

This time last year I was floored, feeling fit as fiddlesticks and gutted that the events I’d been working towards were no more.

No more job, or massage work allowed, a new job and a feeling that it was all beyond my control. This meant that to regain control I continued to train like a trojan, whilst trying to adjust to a job which is 12.5 hours a shift and I sit down on a quiet day for maximum 90 mins, it is just 3 days but it all took some adjusting to. EVENTUALLY, 5am strength work, runs and long shifts took there toll and I was out, I just stopped running one day during a 10k TT and said I couldn’t do it anymore. What was the point. I was off running for 2 weeks completely and had a slow comeback. I haven’t done any real strength work since May when I did my back in (just a bit, muscle spasm when rushing a deadlift)

Now I’m back, I’ve been back on it since probably October and the real focused work started in January. I still hadn’t got my head around S&C untill 2 weeks ago! Just the occasional something and nothing. I confessed to Dr Katie after the 10 in 10 virtual team meet up and training weekend and now I’m really working hard on my glute work, stretching and foam rolling too. Its happening and I’m determined I will rise to the challenge that is the Brathay 10in10

Here’s what I’ve been up over the last 10 days

FRIDAY 19TH MARCH- 22 miles I was listening to a great book at the time The midnight library so I was quite happy to be out for 3 hours, I felt tired as the Sunday before I’d run 30 miles but I got it done

SATURDAY – work, with a new colleague and 10 whole new residents, great day Met a bunch of interesting characters and on the whole a good l day. Almost bailed my run and text coach Den to justify the bail. He said no way, you were off yesterday!! My colleague told me I should just get reeady and run, so I did. I phoned coach Den as he seemed to have forgotten I’d run 22 miles the previous day 😊 he was looking at the wrong week and he said anyway I should have run 24!!

SUNDAY – another long day and a text to coach Den, he said… Are we going to go through this everyday you’re working 😳 oh dear!! I bailed and went home Zzz

MONDAY – 12 miles with Dingle, we’ve run a lot together this week. Went up the big hill out of Maugsbury and was about a minute under my best effort, which was good as I wasn’t tanking it Just a week in I felt my glutes were working. Even downhill, the downhill surprised me, I did check with the Doc that the glutes should work on the downs and yes indeed they should.

TUESDAY – Did some reps with Dingle, he seemed quicker than me. 2x 12321 mins 8miles done

WEDNESDAY – with Laura ♥️ For the last 3 weeks I’ve actually got out of bed at 530am to run with my friend Laura It’s been lovely to see her after a long while not seeing her and feels great to have my run done. 5 miles done and then into work for along day, working on a different unit, probably sat down for 45 mins that day. I was very pleased that I’d run early on this day I did do glute work and told Doc my bum ached and I was tired, hence the pics of me lying on the floor! For the Doc to assess the issue, stretching and foam roller now in use.

THURSDAY – No running, just work Phew and some glute work of course

FRIDAY- 4 miles after work, a little shocked to run up the fosse way and see my colleague and teammate for last few days in work, knocked off his motor bike The police ushered me on my way. I am pleased and relieved to report that my colleague was extremely lucky and is OK!!

SATURDAY – 32 miles!!! what a head game this was. Planned to do loops. 3 of the same loop of 11 miles approx. I had gels on me, water, nutirigrain bar, Aldi jellybeans and a drink station set up on my car. Drink station was, more water, banana, bag of crisps. Loop one, hilly route as I like to make sure I run up and I run down. Windermere is a course of ups and down I had music and podcasts to listen to and pressed shuffle. Aerosmith and Take that followed by The How to wow podcast which was Chris Evans interviewing Gary Barlow. Thats where I heard this little gem…

Your life is made up of 2 dates and a dash 1976-???? The dash in the middle is your life It goes by just like that

Best make the most of it!!

2nd loop, I changed my mind and went another loop I know that is 12 miles and then got back to my drinks station at around 23 miles. A quick drink and attempt to force down banana and then off on loop 3. Same route as loop 1 again. I had to cut loop 3 short or I would have had to run 34 miles!!! By loop 3 I was coming to the end of marathon talk podcast and on the the Archers. I had a funny moment during the whole run where I looked up and I didn’t know where I was 🙃 it was a weird feeling and fortunately I realised after a while!! and a visit to the drink station helped a lot. I ended my run at 32.3 miles, I could mentally run no more and had to walk about 3/4 of a mile home 😂😂 should have run

I was very chuffed with myself to have completed 50k (a little more actually). I celebrated with take out pizza which I’d ordered earlier as my incentive. It was yummy

SUNDAY – What’s the best thing to do when you don’t want to run?? Run for someone else, and so I decided I’d help Dingle achieve his 10k PB. He wanted to run faster than Andy C, 😂so I paced him to a 51 minute 10k He would have been much quicker if he’d not kept dropping his stick and going for a wee. We had a great time ♥️

Donations are alway wanted and hugely welcome. Please and thank you x

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