Training Blog just under 5 weeks to go

How many miles How many hours

Many, many hours have been run since the last blog.  I’ve completed my longest ever training run 36 miles, a training run which took me 5 hours and 38 minutes to complete.  I have run an organised marathon and  had a ball and finished in sub 3 hours 30 minutes, despite the 32 miler a week before .

Its sounds fun doesn’t it?

Well it is fun on so many levels and on many others it is hard work!! Discomfort and extreme gut ache. The gut ache was after my 36 miles yesterday.  6 gels,  a cliff bar, salt and vinegar crisps and a SIS caffeine shot,  all shook up and then add a protein shake,  a cornish pasty, just the pastry and Broccoli. Well you can imagine!! When tbe ache settled I had a good attempt at a ham baguette,  salad and apple pie  and then the ache came back.  I think dealing with the gut ache was more draining than the run.  That’s why I’ve just downloaded a book called the Gut . I’m sure the workings of our gut can in many ways cause many other issues.  That’s another blog, when I’ve got my diploma in gut health 🤣😂

The main events

The first Marathon event in 18 months

Dorney Lake marathon

I was extremely excited to be running and actual organised event, where water was easily available, there were loos on route. My mates were there too!! Club colours on, proud to be part of the event in which, Mike Kelly smashed his PB to go sub 3 hours by a whole 13 minutes  Richard Walker completed his first Marathon ever in sub 3hrs 30mins and my best mate showed her strength by keeping going when it was not going at all to plan.  I had to have a loo stop, I had my headphones on and had  a terrific time running alongside, waving to and supporting other runners.  The event strengthened my new epiphany that, my running is not my punishment, its my excitement, my joy my fun.  Active Events were brilliant, it felt safe to run without loosing the joy and excitement that is a marathon.  The course is flat and although there is not loads to see scenery wise, you can always see someone out on route, running towards you or if your eyesight is good, at the otherside of the lake.  I was lucky to know a few cheer marshals and had the pleasure of having coach Den out there supporting us all too.  I got a lift there a lift back and I’ll only say this once ( or maybe a few more times) the joy, despite her ‘issues’ of coming in ahead of my bestie 😊😘 although I tried to keep this joy on  the down low, as I also felt for my friend who’s event hadn’t gone so well.  My time? I had a great time thank you!!  and on the clock 3.24.23.  Nutrition? A gel at miles 4 8 16 and 20 and water every time u passed the water station about ever 2 miles.

The 36 Miler

Early start for this one and a trip out the day before to put out 2 bottles of water at each mile 5, 10 and 15.. ish It turned out we were about half a mile out because I forgot to tell my driver to turn, we over shot and had to turn round.  🙃 All kit laid out, Asics shorts initially, but when I read it was due to be -1 I went with Asics capris.  I wore my Brathay 2020 (the one I didn’t do) top and my Brathay 2017 top over that and my Chester Marathon hoodie  A brathay buff, more mile socks. Asics Gel cumulus trainers and to carry my gels a flip belt OH and my current fave again cap, my like the wind cap.

My first two miles were solo, heading for the war memorial in Bourton to meet up with Annie and Jess who did 8 miles with me. It felt good to have company and the first hill climb went by unnoticed. Back to being solo at 10 miles, a loo stop and I put a podcast on. Happily running along listening to Davina talking to Kirsty Gallagher, all about the stage of my life I am heading in to right now, on the podcast Midpoint. A van pulled alongside me and Lucy was in it with water, supplies and encouragement for 3 or so miles. Then back to my podcast, and Jilly Coopers desert Island discs.

Back home! My run midpoint drink station, 17.5 miles done, a drink of orange squash, half a packet of crisps and back out again. I’d just had my electrolyte drink when Cliff Richards Desert Island discs were interupted by a phone call. Coach Den telling me I’d either run very fast or gone a different route to my original plan Again !!🤔 I had, instead of going in reverse for the second loop, I’d gone the same way. Fortunately mid telling me off, he pulled alongside me in the van. Den was with me for 3 miles and left me to be picked up on foot not in a car unfortunately by the lovely Laura for my last 4 miles home. In that 4 miles it snowed on us and then gave us glorious sunshine I told Laura as I hit the 36 miles and I was rewarded with a cheer and I carried on a further quarter of a mile and waved Laura off as I hobbled happily up the drive and home 🏡 How amazing was I!! My own hero Awaiting me was a protein shake a cold drink and the lunch I’d requested . I’m very lucky ☺ 36 miles DONE ✔

The not great bits of this week

Feeling exhausted after a long shift but still doing a run Freezing ya bits off because you have the wrong kit on, as last week it was sunny! The wind, rain, sun and snow Doing glute work in bed because you forgot earlier. Extreme gut ache after running for ages, back in bed by 6pm. Loo stops that I had know choice to stop for. Difficult doing that first walk down the stairs every day

The great bits!!

Time to talk with friends. My boy out on his bike with me Achievments, races and sessions, just getting it done. Shared laughter. The Cotswolds counrtyside. The quietness of being with just me. Listening to books and podcasts. The focus and determination. Bird song Feeling how my body works for me The wind, rain, sun and snow……..

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