T.A.P.E.R 2 weeks 4 sleeps to go!

T. is for Team mates & training. Training has been tough and I’ve mostly got it done even the epic 36 miler, I wobbled on Friday after a long drive to the lakes and a fear of the word Time trial and I did 14 miles not 16 and no speed, well I tried and then remembered that trying to run up the start of the marathon course fast, will do you over. Easy start and then flow!! I didn’t meet all of this years team but all the women were there and Davey was the rep for the men. It was great to see them and really great that everyone got round their recce

A. is for anxiety, anticipation and acceptance. I’ll be anxious and the anticipation of what the event has in store is palpable. I accept all of this and its filling me with a huge excitement. This is going to be AMAZINGLY AWESOME and I am looking forward to seeing my team mates,especially those experiencing it for the first time. Smash their boundaries, realise their belief and ACHIEVE something fantastic

P. is for preparation, I am prepared, mentally and physically. However as far as my kit to take IM NOT well not yet. I will be. Here is my list so far

  • 3 x trainers
  • 5 times 80s sun visors and variety of caps
  • Vaseline
  • Variety of socks, long and short
  • 3 /4 favourite sports bras
  • Gels x 40 4 per day
  • Comfy bottoms to chill by the lake
  • Underwear After rundies and rundies to run in if wearing capris
  • 2 x asics flappy shorts
  • 1 x asics capris
  • 1 x cookie monster tights
  • 2 x team shirts
  • Few tops
  • A nice, but comfy dress for day 10 dinner
  • Uggalike boots
  • Bedsocks
  • Book – letter to a young poet
  • Note pad and pen

and so this list will go on to include yogurts, nuts, cereal bars 😀toiletries, phone, tablet and chargers !! I’ve got money to raise too!!

E. is for every penny counts, the reason for this whole event is to raise funds for Brathay Please donate here

R. is for Reality check, my tummy flips and my heart beats. In just 2 weeks 4 sleeps I’m going out there again. I know it intimately, the feel of the tarmac under my feet. The places where the lake comes back in to view and I relax again, the cut through at Bowness where day 1 2017 I popped in for the loo!! The ups the downs the signposts, the tree roots the aches, the fears, the exhilaration. Reality! I’m totally & utterly in !!

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