Just a bad patch!!

'As endurance runners we all know that we will hit a bad patch and you've just got to get through that bad patch to carry on' This is something that one of my fellow team 10 in 10 said in their video about the 10 in 10, or something similar and I've interpreted it this... Continue Reading →

Twins Top Training Tips- Keep Running / Just be you

This is Robbie and Daisy they have been in the running world since the day they were born, well about 4 weeks later. Every week they share their top tips on running, family and life!! They may just teach you a thing or two. I learn lessons from them all the time. Quote of the... Continue Reading →

They Gro so Quickly- GroBag Review

GroBag, if you have little people between the ages of 0-3 years it will be unlikely that you will not have heard of the Gro Company http://www.Gro.co.uk Robbie and Daisy my terrific twins have been assisting me in reviewing the Dotty Day Out Grobag. They have been wearing the GroBags for the last 3-4 weeks... Continue Reading →

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