Brathay Day 2

We started today in the rain, just a shower which soon eased up.  I began the run with a little blister which wasn't causing any discomfort  and I tried to stay at a steady pace.  It was a lonelier run today and I spent quite a bit of time with myself.  I'm hard work in... Continue Reading →


Should you need us Brathay 10 in 10 day 1

A great start to my 10 in 10 today with a bang on 4 hour run.  Before the marathon started behind the scenes there were a group of volunteers and Brathay staff making sure that we were well looked after. They are  there to support you whatever you need.  Hence the today's  t-shirt  'Should you... Continue Reading →

It’s here again The Taper Time Blues

I'm feeling lethargic sleepy & weepyWhat is blooming wrong with me? I've run and run miles and miles how fit should I be? Is it because the miles have gone down But that's supposed to help me feel refreshed and new? But it's sending me barmy,  crazy(ier) in the head I got the Taper time... Continue Reading →

Oh the pain…. 

No not the legs, not the muscle soreness from strength and conditioning. Bloomin TOOTHACHE!! and the loss of a major run from my major important to me, running plan. It has been going well, really well.  Runs have been good, I even managed a reasonable 10k last week and my body has been feeling strong after... Continue Reading →

80 Days -Achey Days  

it's just 80 days untill the challenge begins, no that's  wrong!!  It's just 80 days until the event begins, the challenge, our challenge, mine and 16 other brave (or maybe crazy) souls has already begun. I've been training since October with the main event in mind, building a base of miles, beginning strength and conditioning.... Continue Reading →

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