A runner Not a writer 

I describe myself as a runner, my passion, my love, my life.  Light bulb moment! I'm a writer too.  I write, not always with style and grace but I write and I love it too. I write for some of the same reasons I run, for space, time, to manage my thoughts .  Head space... Continue Reading →


Coach’s Questions day 14 –  Why those sessions? #running #coaching

Well today I was asked to coach the Norths Cots Tri and Run group on their speed session. With the meeting point The Slaughters United Cricket Club and knowing the distance around the track is 400m and also that most members had run races over the weekend (hilly) I opted for the following options 400m... Continue Reading →

Running – Coach’s questions in June #8

I'm the same age as him, similar height, similar shape but compared to him I just can't........ Don't compare!! No one is ever truly comparible,  unless selected scientifically to be so. Same height, same weight, same age, but you work as a waiter and he works at a desk all day.   He gets 8... Continue Reading →

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