Head Space – Furniture removal

    Well, well, well , It has been a while!! over 3 months since I have really wanted to write or have felt I have had anything to say.  Anything to say that you'd want to read.  I have put the odd post and comment on social media and Strava, but not in the... Continue Reading →

Should you need us Brathay 10 in 10 day 1

A great start to my 10 in 10 today with a bang on 4 hour run.  Before the marathon started behind the scenes there were a group of volunteers and Brathay staff making sure that we were well looked after. They are  there to support you whatever you need.  Hence the today's  t-shirt  'Should you... Continue Reading →

It’s here again The Taper Time Blues

I'm feeling lethargic sleepy & weepyWhat is blooming wrong with me? I've run and run miles and miles how fit should I be? Is it because the miles have gone down But that's supposed to help me feel refreshed and new? But it's sending me barmy,  crazy(ier) in the head I got the Taper time... Continue Reading →

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