Training Blog just under 5 weeks to go

How many miles How many hours Many, many hours have been run since the last blog.  I've completed my longest ever training run 36 miles, a training run which took me 5 hours and 38 minutes to complete.  I have run an organised marathon and  had a ball and finished in sub 3 hours 30... Continue Reading →

She shoots She…….

Decisions decisions, we have so many to make everyday. If you're a runner you will most likely have a goal and if you don't it's a good idea to find one. It could be to: Come back from injury ūüė¶ Run injury free! Run every day for the whole of January..... (There's a little thing... Continue Reading →

Feel the Burn on that Bloomin 10k

I am behind this week on getting the blog to you lovely readers, so I apologise ūüôā Good week last week or so I thought, as always work and family were¬†hectic with a training session missed,¬†to watch Wind in the Willows starring one of my talented brood as Toad. ūüôā Connie did a top job... Continue Reading →

10k :) :( 10k

I like to run long distances and the Ultra is next for me..... BUT........ Before I move the goal posts and concentrate on the rest I want¬†that¬†10k time that fantastic personal best ¬†The elusive PB¬†that seems¬†so difficult for me My fastest time to date is 44 minutes 53 WHY? I do not like the sprint... Continue Reading →

WAHOOooooooo !!!!

What a week !! Monday saw me race¬†yet another ¬†10k at the now known by me as WETstonbirt¬†formally Westonbirt¬†10k.¬† It was a drizzly day and continued to drizzle¬†throughout the entire race.¬† My focus was not to achieve¬†a PB although that would have been nice but to stay ahead of my running rivals Steph¬† and Ali... Continue Reading →

Coach Den answers my questions :) ?????

Is everyone capable of increasing their speed, can I improve and run well at 5k 10k ? Not everyone, ¬†it depends on your age, ¬†how long you have been running, (if you were 55¬†and had just started running¬†you would see lots of PBs, if you¬†were 55 and had¬†been running for a long time you may... Continue Reading →

PB Personal Best or Positively Bonkers

Week 4 Marathon Training - saw me down and out, I managed all of 10 miles out of my 50. ūüė¶ After a not so fantastic week 3 I hoped for renewed vigour and ambition for week¬†4.¬† So after a successful charity event raising ¬£307.00 when everything was tidy and away and the little people¬†were... Continue Reading →

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