Double day Race and a long run

Double run day today Bourton 10k where I planned to run strong and was really happy  to see the proud faces of my fabulous ever supportive current coach and  partner Doug who was stood out with 2 soggy kids and a soggy doggy, cheering me in and all my team mates. I also beat best... Continue Reading →


Define Reason: noun a cause, explanation, or justification for an action or event. "she asked him to return, but didn't give a reason" synonyms: cause, grounds, ground, basis, rationale; motive, motivation, purpose, point, aim, intention, objective, goal, occasion, impetus, inducement, incentive; explanation, justification, case, argument, defence, apology, vindication, excuse, pretext, rationalization; warrant; the whys and... Continue Reading →

2 Days 2 Races if you Don’t Want to Do it, Do it!!

Mud, Water, Wind and Rain !! That was my weekend of racing This weekend saw 2 firsts for me 🙂 My first Cross Country race for my club and my first 5 mile race! Actually make that 3 firsts, my very first pair of spikes to add to my ever growing collection of running footwear.... Continue Reading →

Day – 10 …No Race after all but a run with. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Coach Den 🙂 Well today as a day was hard work looking after my demanding twins and I was very ready to run away when it was club run time. I ran 10 cross-country miles and ended up running with the coach, when I tried to slow up a little in the middle coach kindly... Continue Reading →

Day 9 – One Way or Another I’m Gonna…….

Gettcha Gettcha Gettcha !!!!! Mood Today?  remarkably good considering its the dreaded humpday Weather:  Still glorious here in the Cotswolds, the weather at 9pm when I was off running was just perfect, sun going down,  still warm but a slight breeze blowing - lurvely The Run Just 4 miles on my plan to run tonight and to  mix... Continue Reading →

The Next Marathon – Daily Diary. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Starts tomorrow !!! This week has been a good training week with yet another good speed work session, no races but steady training with a 13 mile run with running pals Lucy & Niamh.  This meant a good old natter on route 🙂 I begin my 12 week marathon programme tomorrow, I do not have... Continue Reading →

PB Personal Best or Positively Bonkers

Week 4 Marathon Training - saw me down and out, I managed all of 10 miles out of my 50. 😦 After a not so fantastic week 3 I hoped for renewed vigour and ambition for week 4.  So after a successful charity event raising £307.00 when everything was tidy and away and the little people were... Continue Reading →

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