Head Space – Furniture removal

    Well, well, well , It has been a while!! over 3 months since I have really wanted to write or have felt I have had anything to say.  Anything to say that you'd want to read.  I have put the odd post and comment on social media and Strava, but not in the... Continue Reading →

How I train for 10 marathons in 10 days

Well how do I train for 10 marathons in 10 days?  Who really knows? I'm lucky to have friends who have run multi marathons and taken part in the event and I've enlisted there help and advice and coaching to help me to get through. I also have a supportive partner who knows me, knows... Continue Reading →

What! You’re going to run 10 marathons in 10 days? #10in10

Oh yes I do believe I am. I've spent a few years making excuses, why not to enter it and then, this year in the year of just do it, I've only gone and done it - I applied, put together my fundraising plan, detailed my running achievements and then waited patiently to here. Well... Continue Reading →

Running – Coach’s questions in June #7 #food

Food, lots of runners ask about food. I always answer with - Yes you should definitely eat! It's a personal thing, we all need the basics to function and to run over distance, build muscle and increase energy we a need to consider a few more things.  More carbs, more protein, it all depends of... Continue Reading →

Irritated by Inconsistence

Tthe tilte sums it up really!  Today I am irritated by my inconsistency.  On my regular Thursday tempo run I'd expect a steady consistent improvement.  I do expect that.  So why don't I get that.  Well, it's not because my trainings not consistent.  I follow a plan and keep to it.  Let's face it for... Continue Reading →

Juneathon day 24  – Heard it on the run

Today after work, Pilates, and then work I went on a run. You can find the run on strava Whilst running with my friend we chatted about general bits and bobs and then found ourselves discussing old club gossip!! There are many stories to be heard and told from a running club that has seen... Continue Reading →

Parkrun fun then a Hilly Half Marathon #juneathon day 13

After a late night and a cider too many we were up at last the minute and out of the house 15 minutes later Parkrun bound! I was very glad not to be running this morning and just supporting Doug at his first Parkrun and furthest running distance this year!! We then had a fairly... Continue Reading →

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