Stick em up!! juneathon day 12

   Today's exercise was brought to you in, the form of a good old fashion game of skittles!! I did very little for the majority of the rest of the day aside from the usual drop kid off, work, pick kid up,, via the shop for essential supplies and the bare minimum I could get... Continue Reading →

Juneathon day #7 Better late than never!

Sorry if you were outside at 7:00am awaithing my tigger like bouncy arrival to start a Sunday run.  I did not get out of bed untill nearly 9:00am I know! how will I forgive myself for such laziness!  Well that's easy because I've done my run.  I was going to run it after supporting my... Continue Reading →

DAY 6 – 1st Park run – #juneathon

Yes yes you're right I didn't do a day 5 blog I interpreted the rules in a way that allowed me to post the following on Instagram (If you Juneathon bloggers meet up this year I want to qualify to be there)  Today saw me take part in my first, parkrun, almost. 5 years... Continue Reading →

This Girl Can – These Girls did!!!

These days I run for a club and I'm working on trying to be reasonably competitive in my age group.  I follow a regular training plan and run regular marathons, at least 2 a year chasing a good time.  Sometimes I run  more marathons like last year when I completed 7.  Running  5k seems like... Continue Reading →

From Tarmac to Trail – #TrailTeam2014

Well, what a great way to spend a Saturday, with a group of 49 others hoping to become part of the Berghaus Trail Team 2014 The first part of my adventure was getting to the event. I do not leave the safety of the countryside that often and rarely on my own!! I was awake... Continue Reading →

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