Head Space – Furniture removal

    Well, well, well , It has been a while!! over 3 months since I have really wanted to write or have felt I have had anything to say.  Anything to say that you'd want to read.  I have put the odd post and comment on social media and Strava, but not in the... Continue Reading →

Parkrun fun then a Hilly Half Marathon #juneathon day 13

After a late night and a cider too many we were up at last the minute and out of the house 15 minutes later Parkrun bound! I was very glad not to be running this morning and just supporting Doug at his first Parkrun and furthest running distance this year!! We then had a fairly... Continue Reading →

Juneathon day #7 Better late than never!

Sorry if you were outside at 7:00am awaithing my tigger like bouncy arrival to start a Sunday run.  I did not get out of bed untill nearly 9:00am I know! how will I forgive myself for such laziness!  Well that's easy because I've done my run.  I was going to run it after supporting my... Continue Reading →

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