Head Space – Furniture removal

    Well, well, well , It has been a while!! over 3 months since I have really wanted to write or have felt I have had anything to say.  Anything to say that you'd want to read.  I have put the odd post and comment on social media and Strava, but not in the... Continue Reading →

This Time last Year – #Running for a club 

This time last year I was a member of a local running club, a running club with a lot of history starting up in 1981.  I was secretary, committee member, and coach.  The little club had given me friends and added fuel to my passion for the sport I love, running.  I was a proud... Continue Reading →


Define Reason: noun a cause, explanation, or justification for an action or event. "she asked him to return, but didn't give a reason" synonyms: cause, grounds, ground, basis, rationale; motive, motivation, purpose, point, aim, intention, objective, goal, occasion, impetus, inducement, incentive; explanation, justification, case, argument, defence, apology, vindication, excuse, pretext, rationalization; warrant; the whys and... Continue Reading →

From Tarmac to Trail – #TrailTeam2014

Well, what a great way to spend a Saturday, with a group of 49 others hoping to become part of the Berghaus Trail Team 2014 The first part of my adventure was getting to the event. I do not leave the safety of the countryside that often and rarely on my own!! I was awake... Continue Reading →

“I have Run the Fastest I’ll ever run…….”

This is what my coach Dennis Walmsley said to me recently talking about his running career as he was heading to the big 50. (He arrived there last week)  However his focus has now changed to what he can achieve in a new age category!! Always a goal that he always achieves!!   He truly is an... Continue Reading →

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