On route home after a week in Cornwall camping with the kid's . Now that really  is an endurance sport!! When we set off l had kit and trainers and the determination to keep up the training.  A long family (which for those that don't know means, noisy, fun,stressful,hard and hilarious all... Continue Reading →

Irritated by Inconsistence

Tthe tilte sums it up really!  Today I am irritated by my inconsistency.  On my regular Thursday tempo run I'd expect a steady consistent improvement.  I do expect that.  So why don't I get that.  Well, it's not because my trainings not consistent.  I follow a plan and keep to it.  Let's face it for... Continue Reading →

No Sweat

Over the past few months I have noticed that I have been looking more and more like I've run through a shower during and at the of any training (obviously not swimming as I'm already soaked) When I first began exercise/ kickboxing, then running, sweating felt localised , it was embarrassing, particularly the PPP (private... Continue Reading →

They Gro so Quickly- GroBag Review

GroBag, if you have little people between the ages of 0-3 years it will be unlikely that you will not have heard of the Gro Company http://www.Gro.co.uk Robbie and Daisy my terrific twins have been assisting me in reviewing the Dotty Day Out Grobag. They have been wearing the GroBags for the last 3-4 weeks... Continue Reading →

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