Running – Coach’s questions in June #7 #food

Food, lots of runners ask about food. I always answer with - Yes you should definitely eat! It's a personal thing, we all need the basics to function and to run over distance, build muscle and increase energy we a need to consider a few more things.  More carbs, more protein, it all depends of... Continue Reading →

My thoughts and experiences on coaches and  coaching  in Running 

Well, most of you know that I am a  UKA running coach I'm continually  reading, learning and developing (all of which when you're a coach is a constant process) I will be going on yet another course soon as I feel it's the only way I can get the best out of others by getting... Continue Reading →

20 things about my Gloucester 20 experience!!

1. I travelled there in style on Douggies mean machine 2. Arrived in time in one piece and in the sunshine 3. Picked up my race number and a nice pink technical T that fits 4. Had a pleasant little warm up with club mates in the sun 5. Started like a rocket 6. The... Continue Reading →

I’m totally addicted to………

BASE!! A few weeks back I was lucky enough to receive two sets of base layers. I received SubRX compression top and pants from Sub Sports The afternoon that they arrived I pulled them out of there packaging and my Initial thought was I'm never going to fit in to these!! Then I tried them... Continue Reading →

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