Training Blog just under 5 weeks to go

How many miles How many hours Many, many hours have been run since the last blog.  I've completed my longest ever training run 36 miles, a training run which took me 5 hours and 38 minutes to complete.  I have run an organised marathon and  had a ball and finished in sub 3 hours 30... Continue Reading →

What! You’re going to run 10 marathons in 10 days? #10in10

Oh yes I do believe I am. I've spent a few years making excuses, why not to enter it and then, this year in the year of just do it, I've only gone and done it - I applied, put together my fundraising plan, detailed my running achievements and then waited patiently to here. Well... Continue Reading →

Coach – a simple overview

Can understand what's needed from and for, each individual Offers guidance and support through knowledge and understanding. Able to see the whole picture Creator of your plan but not dictator of your plan Happy to give feedback and more so to get feedback   Simple things that coaches are and simple things that coaches do,... Continue Reading →

Parkrun fun then a Hilly Half Marathon #juneathon day 13

After a late night and a cider too many we were up at last the minute and out of the house 15 minutes later Parkrun bound! I was very glad not to be running this morning and just supporting Doug at his first Parkrun and furthest running distance this year!! We then had a fairly... Continue Reading →

Altra Torins – Review @AltraZeroDrop

A few months back after a half marathon resulting in particularly bad blisters. I began researching new running shoes more for space and comfort than to emulate barefoot running and on a list of top running shoes from Runners World, I found Altra Running Shoes. So I searched for their shoes online and found their... Continue Reading →

No Sweat

Over the past few months I have noticed that I have been looking more and more like I've run through a shower during and at the of any training (obviously not swimming as I'm already soaked) When I first began exercise/ kickboxing, then running, sweating felt localised , it was embarrassing, particularly the PPP (private... Continue Reading →

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