Coach – a simple overview

Can understand what's needed from and for, each individual Offers guidance and support through knowledge and understanding. Able to see the whole picture Creator of your plan but not dictator of your plan Happy to give feedback and more so to get feedback   Simple things that coaches are and simple things that coaches do,... Continue Reading →

This Girl Can – These Girls did!!!

These days I run for a club and I'm working on trying to be reasonably competitive in my age group.  I follow a regular training plan and run regular marathons, at least 2 a year chasing a good time.  Sometimes I run  more marathons like last year when I completed 7.  Running  5k seems like... Continue Reading →


Define Reason: noun a cause, explanation, or justification for an action or event. "she asked him to return, but didn't give a reason" synonyms: cause, grounds, ground, basis, rationale; motive, motivation, purpose, point, aim, intention, objective, goal, occasion, impetus, inducement, incentive; explanation, justification, case, argument, defence, apology, vindication, excuse, pretext, rationalization; warrant; the whys and... Continue Reading →

2 Days 2 Races if you Don’t Want to Do it, Do it!!

Mud, Water, Wind and Rain !! That was my weekend of racing This weekend saw 2 firsts for me 🙂 My first Cross Country race for my club and my first 5 mile race! Actually make that 3 firsts, my very first pair of spikes to add to my ever growing collection of running footwear.... Continue Reading →

The Next Marathon – Daily Diary. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Starts tomorrow !!! This week has been a good training week with yet another good speed work session, no races but steady training with a 13 mile run with running pals Lucy & Niamh.  This meant a good old natter on route 🙂 I begin my 12 week marathon programme tomorrow, I do not have... Continue Reading →

Coach Den answers my questions :) ?????

Is everyone capable of increasing their speed, can I improve and run well at 5k 10k ? Not everyone,  it depends on your age,  how long you have been running, (if you were 55 and had just started running you would see lots of PBs, if you were 55 and had been running for a long time you may... Continue Reading →

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