Running – Coach’s questions in June 

Today's question I'm really fit, my legs are strong. I'm fast on the bike and on the swim, why am I not faster on the run? In this case and to the person asking, this was my answer. Yes there is no doubting your fitness and your strength.  In our last block of training due... Continue Reading →

Coach – a simple overview

Can understand what's needed from and for, each individual Offers guidance and support through knowledge and understanding. Able to see the whole picture Creator of your plan but not dictator of your plan Happy to give feedback and more so to get feedback   Simple things that coaches are and simple things that coaches do,... Continue Reading →

Interview with the Partner of a Marathon Training Working Mum :)

I am always talking about me and how I feel. So for a change I thought Id ask someone else the questions and who better than my long suffering ever loving partner. Doug its over to you!! Do you think I will achieve my goal of 3hrs 15 mins in the London Marathon this year?... Continue Reading →

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