Mums the Word ……..

Oh how they grow up here are my brood 2013 I may have mentioned briefly that I have 5 children!! and with Mothers Day approaching I thought it would be nice to write about the people in my life who make me MUM. AMY Amy is my eldest daughter, fondly known as Stig, this is... Continue Reading →

Day – 10 …No Race after all but a run with. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Coach Den 🙂 Well today as a day was hard work looking after my demanding twins and I was very ready to run away when it was club run time. I ran 10 cross-country miles and ended up running with the coach, when I tried to slow up a little in the middle coach kindly... Continue Reading →

They Gro so Quickly- GroBag Review

GroBag, if you have little people between the ages of 0-3 years it will be unlikely that you will not have heard of the Gro Company Robbie and Daisy my terrific twins have been assisting me in reviewing the Dotty Day Out Grobag. They have been wearing the GroBags for the last 3-4 weeks... Continue Reading →

Walk Yourself to Feeling Fab! !

  What an Eggcellent time of the year whilst the kids are on holiday to start getting yourself and the family fit, healthy and energised.  Getting yourself fit does not need to cost a lot,  it does not need to cost anything.  There is no better place to improve your fitness than the great outdoors ... Continue Reading →

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